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Family, Fandom, and... Fyaaaaaay...or something

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Jun. 13th, 2006 | 03:45 pm
mood: geeky
music: "Ride on Shootin Star" - FLCL (The Pillows)
posted by: minako134 in japanfortehwin

I've been slacking off with posting pictures recently, so this post is gonna try to make up for that by posting LIKE A WHOLE BUNCH AT ONCE. 0o0

No videos, because... I'm feeling lazy. XD And I don't even know if they're getting watched, so just let me know if you want some. :D

Gonna divide them up, even though there's significantly more photos in the second weekend. ^_^;;;

Ah yes, we went on a trip to Akihabara again, this is the one that I talked about in the other post when I listed all the stuff I bought. ^o^ Here's a picture of a famous shop, "Gamers", that makes a semi-cameo in the popular online comic Megatokyo, which many of mah buds read at home...^_^ HEE HEE I WENT THERE, BW HA HA~

Jenni also bought a dating-sim game... It's special... Yeah, I think this pic is self-explanatory, and if it isn't, you might not want it to be. XD

HISTORY, PEOPLE!! 0o0 I finally met my Great-Uncle Takeo and his family!! Pictured here, going from left to right, we have Takashi (their youngest), his wife Atsuko, Great-Uncle Takeo, me, their doggy 'Patora'(short for "Cleopatra" XD), Great-Aunt Yukiko, and Nanako (their oldest). Nanako's husband Tsuyoshi (at least, I think that's what his name was...0_0) is taking the picture.

Yeah, so that was awesome meeting all of them. ^_^ My brain was aching from the constant Japanese all afternoon, but it worked out. ^o^;; I even got to hear about the family history a little!! Like, lots of stuff!! 0o0 I even took notes! :D Takashi and Atsuko gave me a present 'cause they headrd that I had turned 22 recently. 0o0 A pretty pretty fan with an IRIS ON IT. 0o0 0o0 Takashi was like "'Cause Aunt Michiko calls you Ayame, right?" and I'm like "adofnoasfoasnfogn YEAH HOLY COW THIS IS AWESOME" only, in nicer Japanese. XD

That dog was SO. HYPER. 0o0 I can't believe I'm saying this, but she even beat Amaya in hyperness. 0_o That dog did NOT care how much you pushed her away, she was completely bent on licking everything in sight.

and then a week later.......

Okay, bare with me folks. This is where I go SUPER...ULTRA...NERDY. This was something I've been wanting to do ever since I got completely obsorbed into the Digimon fandom 6 or 7 years ago, and... I finally was able to go to Odaiba, where the show takes place. 0o0 So, yeah. Lots of really, really boring photos here, unless you know the context of what it is and stuff. ^o^;;;

Here we have my FIRST EVER GLIMPSE OF TOKYO TOWER!! ^o^ Not just Digimon-related, since this Tower shows up in TONS of anime all the time. ^_^ Good to see it's not destroyed or anything. XD I'm hopefully gonna actually go and see the thing up close some other time, maybe when my family comes. ^o^


*cue Maria freaking out inside her head as she stares outside the train window*

...It's...Odaiba...It's really really there...

*tears of fangirly happiness*

The train makes a big loop before going on *DUN DUN DUN* RAINBOW BRIIIIIDGE~! 0o0

I should include screenshots of these places as they appear in Digimon... XD

The big huge ferris wheel!! ^o^ That's the one you always see outside the window of Tai and Kari's apartment. :)

And this...is FujiTV. 0o0 HOLY COW. I had my guess on how big this building was, but...I had NO idea it was that gigantic. The ball on the top there is on the 25 floor. 0o0 I guess, this is the first time I've seen such a tall structure that wasn't just a tall spike-shaped building...


We bought tickets to go through the tour-thingy, and got to take the elevator all the way up the the ball itself, and from there I got this really nice shot of the bridge and the water. ^_^ Look, see the artificial greenery island thingies next to the bridge? *cough*DiaboromonStrikesBack*cough*

(reaching maximum geekiness here, people) Also from inside the ball...

...You know what this is. ;) Yup, that's the spot. Episode 37, "Wizardmon's Gift", baby.

...Although, it's nowhere NEAR as big a place as they made it seem in the show. ^o^;; Not by a long shot. Well, that's Hollywood. ^_^;; Er, Fuji TV.

.... >.> <.< -.-*prays for Wizardmon's spirit*

Will the geek-dom never cease?! XD XD XD Different angle than the last picture, taken from the 24th floor. ^_^

Okay, now it's time for someone ELSE to be a geek. ^o^ Here's Jenni posing at this fake set for Bistro SMAP, which she loves oh-so-much. ^o^ It's a show where one of the most famous bands in Japan (like, *Beatles* famous, for the last 10 years at least 0o0) try to make food and be crazy and stuff. XD I still have to see it, actually...

Oh, and I couldn't miss the chance to get a photo of this spiffy small model of the One Piece pirate ship there. ^o^ Since One Piece is still airing, they had lots of that stuff there. ^_^ Unfortunately, Digimon's so old that they didn't have any Digimon-related exhibits. ;_;


ANOTHER geek moment... Here's the big red saw in front of Big Site (huge convention center, where Comiket takes place twice a year), that shows up in episode 35, "Flower Power". XD

Then we went on the huge ferris wheel, and I got to take lots of shots as we rose however many meters into the air. 0o0 I really wish the weather was better that day, but oh well. :( This picture is especially geeky because within those apartments right there, SOMEWHERE, would be where Tai and Kari live... ^o^;;;;

Okay, enough of the geek running around Odaiba!!

VERY soon after getting back from Odaiba, we got back to the dorms and got ready for watching Rocky Horror Picture Show with everyone. This included dressing up and bringing newspaper to hold over your head and props and EVERYTHING. XD SO FUN. This was also a kind of goodbye party for Aimee, who just took off this morning to return to Scotland. WE'LL MISS YOU~!

And then a school cultural festival, through Hitotsubashi University, on Sunday.

...I FOUND SATA ANDAGI...!! 0o0 0o0 0o0 And, it was surprisingly DELICIOUS. Yay for new foods tasting GOOD~! XD I want more. Really. Give me moooore.

...This post was brought to you by 2 hours of sitting here and typing and typing and typing and typing and typing and...

Comments {3}

Neato! Thanks Maria, from Uncle Carlton

From: anonymous
Date: Jun. 15th, 2006 03:26 pm (UTC)

I especially appreciated the shots at Takeo-san's house!

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Much With The Geekdom!


From: marusaia
Date: Jun. 21st, 2006 05:16 am (UTC)

Let the geekdom go on, Maria, let the geekdom go on. I consider myself still a geek in training, when I see the depth of your power! Anata no chikara wa sugoi desu!

Man, though... some of this reminds me of Inu Yasha. I'm pretty sure that that ferris wheel showed up in the ending credits, and the same with the train lines. I don't know if Inu Yasha actually had a Tokyo Tower scene, but it would make sense... I look forward to hearing all the history you heard from Great-Uncle Takeo and his family. Coolness! 0o0 I LOVE hearing about history, family history, and the like... you won't hear the end of it for a while when you get back, let me tell you!

Do they seriously call the Comiket convention hall just "Big Site?" That'd be so weird if they did!

I know I've said it before but I'll say it again anyway. Wish I was there.

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From: marusaia
Date: Jun. 21st, 2006 05:21 am (UTC)

And... OH. EM. GEE. That game Jenni's playing... it really exists...

EVA THE DATING SIM REALLY EXISTS!!!!!!!! 0o0 0o0 0o0 0o0 0o0

This just absolutely amuses me~! And was the name of the thing Neon Genesis Evangelion -- Angelic Days, or something like that?! If it was, then I have the first volume of the manga adaptation. Check this out for more information.

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