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May. 19th, 2006 | 06:08 pm
mood: thankful thankful
music: "Chicken Payback" - A Band of Bees
posted by: minako134 in japanfortehwin

Heh, been a while since my last post, but THAT'S OKAY! 'Cause I have whole semi-truck-loads of fun crazy super cool stories and photos (and videos 0o0) to show ya'll...

Somehow, after much running around and scheduling and text messaging like crazy with cellphones, we managed to get 13 of us exchange students and normal students off on what was to be the longest celebration of a birthday I've ever been to, probably. ^o^;;

I'll tell the story throughout the photos, so look at those before you watch the videos for optimal enjoyability. XD

Video #1: A clip of Miss Teresa and Miss Aimee singing a heart-warming rendition of "Angel of Music" from The Phantom of the Opera, all from heart since they only had the Japanese lyrics on the karaoke machine ^o^;; (6.83 MB, 27 sec.)
Video #2: Why did we come to Japan? Why, to sing anime music in karaoke!! ^o^ Here's a clip of pretty much the whole lot of us singing (quite fitting, I think) the theme song to one of the most famous anime of all time, Neon Genesis Evangelion; "Cruel Angel's Thesis". And what the heck is with that animation. 0_o We shall never know. (7.38 MB, 29 sec.)
Video #3: And then the walk back to campus at 5:30AM after 6 hours of karaoke... Jenni says "Good weather, isn't it," in Japanese, randomly. ^_^ (5.65 MB, 22 sec.)

I figure the smaller they are, the easier they are to download and all. And I don't want to take up too much space with tons and tons of video. ^o^;;

Remember, videos will expire after 7 days! If you still want 'em after that, ket me know.

Okay, this one's out of chronological order, but I wanted to post it first so I could introduce all my new buds in Japan to ya'll. ^_^ Quick introduction for everybody:
Teresa:: Partner in crime and all things language-y and Japanese-y and currently teaching me how to cook! TE...RI...A...!!
Jenni:: SMAP-obsessive fangirl, also from Western, aquaintance from anime club and through Marina and Elisha.
Erin:: Fellow American exchange student, but I can't remember if she was from Oregon or Canada...anyway, she lives pretty close to us I think!
Sara:: Exchange student from England, and totally not in the anime- manga- loop, so is always confused by our fangirlishness. XD
Aimee:: Exchange student from Scotland, always hangin' with Sara. *She* likes anime and manga, so yay. ^o^
Sun-young:: Exchange student from Korea. Here's where we get to the people that know *WAY* more Japanese than me. XD
Soo-jin:: 'Nother exchange student from Korea, good buds with Sun-young. There's always at least one anime fangirl in each pair, it seems. ^_^
Yoshie:: Japanese student who has Japan Culture Studies Seminar with us. We've just recently met, so I hope we get more chances to hang out.
"Tweety":: Exchange student from Taiwan, and one of the first buds Teresa and I made when we first came. Her real name's Tsai, but she requested we call her by her nickname, named after her favorite cartoon character. ^o^
Meeee:: Um...moi? :3
Kathy:: Exchange student from the Phillipines, and so friggin' funny. XD Hangs out with Aimee and Sara and peeps a bunch.
Emi:: Japanese student, Nancy's "big sister". Haven't hung out with her a whole lot, but she's cool as far as I can tell. ^_^
Nancy:: Fellow American exchange student, also from Western. Really sweet! ^_^ We gotta hang out more, too.

And now to the actual telling of the day's events and stuff!

I woke up to the sounds of bird's chirping outside my window (first time ever 0o0 "Good sign," I thought to myself), and a message on my cellphone from Teresa saying I had something hanging on my doorknob outside. 0_0 ...0o0 ...^o^ Yay, present right off the bat!! She got me a carton of my beloved strawberry milk, two slices of strawberry cake, and two volumesmanga; "Honey & Clover" vol. 4 and "Kimi to Boku" vol. 1! 0o0 I had been staring at the second one like everytime we went to the store, so Teresa finally just got it for me so I wouldn't be so indecisive anymore. XD YAAAY, THANK YOU TERESA~!

So, first off in terms of scheduled stuff for the day, Teresa and I went to meet with our "morning class" people (you go and get help from these volunteers with your homework or even from translating whatever if you want or anything Japanese-y) in the early afternoon, and we just hung out for an hour and a half chatting and shtuff. I got a gorgeous paper-and-cards-and-bookmarks-and-pretty-fan set thingy from Atsuko-san!! *0o0* SO COOL...

Fast forward to the evening... We all gradually gathered together in the Tou-ryo parlor room, with snacks and anime on Jenni's laptop to keep us occupied while we waited for people to finish with class and whatnot. Aimee got to see Excel Saga for the first time, and she enjoyed it immencely. ^o^ 'Twas a puchuu episode. XD

After everyone showed up, and we made reservations at our destination reseraunt, we all took off on the train for Kichijouji...

...And ate a 2-hour all-you-can-eat course at Shakey's Pizza. 0o0 SO GOOD... That was probably the most American-like pizza I'll find in Tokyo. Bacon and cheddar pizza isn't very common in the states, but believe me, that was one of the only topping combos that resembled home...^o^;;

Teresa and I were also pleasantly surrprised that the glasses of water they gave us were NOT the tinsy-winsy size that you usually get in Japanese reseteraunts. XD

We took up two tables, so here's one...

And the other. ^_^

After eating, we still had some time before karaoke was supposed to happen, so we went to one of the arcades nearby. I played Guitar Freaks again, weee. ^_^ That's also the same place we all crammed into one purikura booth and (pretty much) managed to squeeze everyone's faces into each of the 4 photos we got. After purikura, I raced off to the games, and right as I was about to start a racing game, everyone gathered up behind me and sang "Happy Birthday"!! ^o^ ^o^ ^o^ That was so sweet!

Finally it came time to take the train to Kokubunji...

...Where we began our all-night karaoke, from 11PM to 5AM. ^o^ Here's Yoshie, Kathy, and Suu-jin. Actually, half of the group took off because of tiredness/still recovering from a cold, so we had only 8, which worked out pretty well I think. We just went around the circle singing one song each, with duets every once in a while. We also had all-you-can-drink, so I got to try several cocktails and stuff. ^o^ Yummy.

Teresa and Aimee did, I think, at least 4 or 5 songs from "The Phantom of the Opera". XD Seriously, that place had an AWESOME selection of music. I was SPAZZING OUT when I found that they had nearly all the music from ALL 4 SEASONS OF DIGIMON. 0o0 I was freakin' out, man. Heh, I actually was writing down what songs to do, and ended up keeping pretty good track of what I sang; here's some of 'em:

"Sekai wa sore o ai to yobun daze" - Sambomaster (from the Densha Otoko drama)
"Negai kanaeru kagi" - Matt's image song from Digimon 02 (that was the best Digimon song to karaoke, I think XD I was rockin' out, man)
"My Pace Daioh" - Opening theme from Genshiken
"Bokura no war game" - Digimon 2nd movie (totally lame song to karaoke actually ^o^;; it was so...blegh XD)
"Seishun Kyousoukyoku" - Naruto ending theme (Sambomaster again; holy COW is that band fun to karaoke)
"Gibbs" - Shiina Ringo (my favorite Japanese song ever; I sing it everytime we do karaoke now ^_^)
"Helena" - My Chemical Romance
"Last Kiss" - Gantz ending theme
"My pace" - Bleach ending theme

(if you want any of those, I can send 'em. ^_^)

And then came the tired, tired, tired, tired, tiiiiiiiiiired, TIRED ride on the train back to school in the morning. -_- It was WAY light outside. 0o0

So, yeah... I was feeling kinda nervous about how my birthday would be away from home, but in the end it ended being one of the most memorable, truth to tell. ^_^ Well, of course, 'cause it was in friggin' JAPAN! XD Yeah. So, it was a complete and utter blast, and I'm so glad I've met all these cool gals here... ^_^

MAN, that took me over an hour to type up. 0o0 CHANTO YONDEKUDASAI, NE. ("Please read it nice and thoroughly, kay?") ^o^;;;

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From: iikoizy
Date: May. 19th, 2006 06:18 pm (UTC)


[I shall chanto yondekudasai it after lunch/breakfast. Yay for big posts!! :)]

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From: minako134
Date: May. 20th, 2006 02:02 pm (UTC)

Oh...HI! ^o^;;;;;;;;;


pleasedon'tkillmeforpostingvideoofyousinging XD

Actually yeah, maybe I should've asked people before posting alla this... ^_^;;

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From: marusaia
Date: May. 31st, 2006 12:58 am (UTC)

Dich no photo! Dich no photo!

Yay for Japan trip photos! Yay for Deu-hon-glish! J4TW!

Hah, reading about this is such fun...

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