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where the cool kids are

Jun. 20th, 2006 | 10:42 am
mood: calm calm
music: "Shisshou" - LAST ALLIANCE (Ouran Koukou Host-Bu op theme)
posted by: minako134 in japanfortehwin

Yay, back to normal-sized photo posts. ^o^;; This'll be much quicker to type up and post...

harajuku and randomness~Collapse )

Back to another week of school, but next weekend Teresa and I will be making our 2nd trip to Ikebukuro and 5th trip to Akihabara. XD XD XD YAY COMICS~ I'll have more photos of those places, hopefully. ^_^

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food to drink ni tsuite

Jun. 14th, 2006 | 11:21 pm
mood: bouncy bouncy
music: Tchaikovsky 4th symphyony, 4th nvt. (a la ep 11 of S.H.n.Y.)
posted by: minako134 in japanfortehwin

I feel like randomly talking about all the kinds of Japanese food and/or drink I've been able to try out besides what I've already written about, while I wait for NANA to start. ^_^

Melonpan :: You may remember this from Azumanga Daioh!; one of Osaka's favorite foods, so I was happy that I could finally see if my tastes fit hers. ^o^ AND I GUESS THEY DO, 'CAUSE IT SO TASTES OH SO YUMMY. 0o0 Not Melon-flavored, I guess it's just called 'melon' cause it's so big and round. ^o^;; Just a big huge round bun of semi-cakey bread with SUGAR sprinkled over it. 0o0 0o0 0o0 CAN YOU SAY "ADDICTION", KIDDIES?!

Onigiri :: Simple, but oh so good. 'Specially Salmon onigiri. ^_^ It's been a common lunch ever since I discovered them.

"Croquette"-pan :: Boy, does Japan like its pan. This is basically a weird 'croquette' type substance inside a large bread roll. Also yummy. If a bit strange in its compisition. ^o^;;

Ichigo juice :: I WANT THIS TO BE IN AMERICA TOO~ T_T So freaking delicious. Basically strawberry milk. *salivating*

What else...well, show's about to start, so I'll do more later. ^_^ If you want to know more about any of this stuff, I'm LAZY~, so just Wiki it. :P
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Family, Fandom, and... Fyaaaaaay...or something

Jun. 13th, 2006 | 03:45 pm
mood: geeky
music: "Ride on Shootin Star" - FLCL (The Pillows)
posted by: minako134 in japanfortehwin

I've been slacking off with posting pictures recently, so this post is gonna try to make up for that by posting LIKE A WHOLE BUNCH AT ONCE. 0o0

No videos, because... I'm feeling lazy. XD And I don't even know if they're getting watched, so just let me know if you want some. :D

Gonna divide them up, even though there's significantly more photos in the second weekend. ^_^;;;

Weekend of June 3-4Collapse )

and then a week later.......

Weekend of June 10-11Collapse )

...This post was brought to you by 2 hours of sitting here and typing and typing and typing and typing and typing and...

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how am i gonna fit all this for the trip back XD

Jun. 3rd, 2006 | 11:57 pm
mood: geeky
music: "November 1999: Taichi Yagami: Whistle" - Digimon Adventure
posted by: minako134 in japanfortehwin

Heh...wow. I guess this is what happens when you go on a trip to Akihabara with some friends thinking "Oh, I'll just buy one or two things if I find anything I really, really like..."

Here's the damage, in chronologically-bought order:

"Kanon: Standard Edition" for Windows -1980 yen
After rambling about wanting to play a (non-hentai) dating-sim game for the last however long, I finally actually went and bought one. XD And it looks like it's the all-ages version, so that's good. ^o^;; The only problem is, it's a DVD-ROM, and my computer can't play it. AND, it's Japanese-region DVD. 0_0 So, when I get back to America, I'm just gonna play it on Teresa's Japanese-DVD-reading computer. XD That, or put Japanese-DVD-reading capabilities on my own laptop once I get one, which I hope will be in the next year or so, maybe, we'll see... But anyway, *squee* I love Key's characters. "Air" was awesome, so I bet this'll be cool too.

Honey & Clover postcard -105 yen
Cute cute postcard with art of the anime, bought at the MOST AWESOME COSPLAY SHOP I'VE EVER BEEN TO. Well, I guess it's the only one I've ever been to, but... Yeah, they had a BUNCH of fully-made character costumes; lots of school uniforms and military anime uniforms, AND the Fullmetal Alchemist state alchemist uniform. 0o0 I was freakin' out, man. Any of you guys want me to buy you cosplay stuff from there for you? There was a good selection of Beach stuff especially. *nods*

"Afternoon" manga magazine: July 2006 -650 yen
I *FINALLY* found the magazine that features "Mushishi", "Ah! My Goddess!", and "Genshiken", some of my favorite manga evar!! Unfortunately this issue didn't feature a chapter of "Mushishi" (T_T), but there was the latest "A!MG!" chapter, and the last ever chapter of "Genshiken". The rest of the manga in it look interesting enough to read, too, so I'm pretty happy. ^_^ And I couldn't help thinking "If Applause Room were actually published in Japan, it'd totally be in this magazine" XD

Hinata poster and Kida&Akamaru poster -800 yen
They had these poster-spouting machines in Animate, so I *had* to to get one from the Naruto machine. ^o^ I got Hinata, and then was like "...I WANT ONE OF THE OTHER ONES GAAAH" and buckled and got another one. XD Sadly, I think I'd have been much happier with Naruto, Shikamaru, or Neji, but ah well... These guys are cute, too. ^_^

And here's the HUGE geek moment one (yup, even more than the other ones XD)...

Digimon Adventure Original Story: Vacation over 2 1/2 years CD -2800 yen
Oh. My. GOSH. 0o0 I had no idea this thing even existed. Back in high school, I could've told you the names of every Japanese Digimon soundtrack, best partner, single or album out there, but apparently they've come out with something else since I left the Digimon fandom scene... I'm SO glad I found this. ^o^ Not only is the cover art *adorable* (must scan and show ya'll), but it's basically 6 tracks of Taichi, Jou, Sora, Koushirou, Mimi, and Yamato talking about how their lives have been since the end of season one, and it all takes place in the 2 1/2 years between that and season two. AWESOME. With my slowly-improving-Japanese, I'm not able to get *all* of it, but I was able to get the jist of each of the about-6-min. tracks. I'll probably make a huge post just for this thing in my own journal with my own summary of each of the stories and scans of the CD images. XD So yeah, look forward to that I guess...

Sorry I've been so sparce with posts lately; this trip to Akihabara today was the first really interesting thing to happen since my birthday, honestly. ^_^;; But now that I've reached the halfway point of this trip (0o0), I'm determined to get out there more and experience Japan!! And stuff!!

For instance, meeting my great uncle Takeo tomorrow. 0o0

I'm a little nervous. Kay, maybe a lot nervous. But that'll probably go away once I get there and am stumbling through my Japanese as I talk to him and his family about all of you guys. I've always loved talking about my family and friends, so I have a feeling that that will make me feel better, even if it'll be hard communicating and stuff. ^_^

Anyway, wish me luck... I shall have photos I'm sure when I get back. ^o^

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May. 19th, 2006 | 06:08 pm
mood: thankful thankful
music: "Chicken Payback" - A Band of Bees
posted by: minako134 in japanfortehwin

Heh, been a while since my last post, but THAT'S OKAY! 'Cause I have whole semi-truck-loads of fun crazy super cool stories and photos (and videos 0o0) to show ya'll...

Somehow, after much running around and scheduling and text messaging like crazy with cellphones, we managed to get 13 of us exchange students and normal students off on what was to be the longest celebration of a birthday I've ever been to, probably. ^o^;;

I'll tell the story throughout the photos, so look at those before you watch the videos for optimal enjoyability. XD

Video #1: A clip of Miss Teresa and Miss Aimee singing a heart-warming rendition of "Angel of Music" from The Phantom of the Opera, all from heart since they only had the Japanese lyrics on the karaoke machine ^o^;; (6.83 MB, 27 sec.)
Video #2: Why did we come to Japan? Why, to sing anime music in karaoke!! ^o^ Here's a clip of pretty much the whole lot of us singing (quite fitting, I think) the theme song to one of the most famous anime of all time, Neon Genesis Evangelion; "Cruel Angel's Thesis". And what the heck is with that animation. 0_o We shall never know. (7.38 MB, 29 sec.)
Video #3: And then the walk back to campus at 5:30AM after 6 hours of karaoke... Jenni says "Good weather, isn't it," in Japanese, randomly. ^_^ (5.65 MB, 22 sec.)

I figure the smaller they are, the easier they are to download and all. And I don't want to take up too much space with tons and tons of video. ^o^;;

Remember, videos will expire after 7 days! If you still want 'em after that, ket me know.

And now to zee photosCollapse )

So, yeah... I was feeling kinda nervous about how my birthday would be away from home, but in the end it ended being one of the most memorable, truth to tell. ^_^ Well, of course, 'cause it was in friggin' JAPAN! XD Yeah. So, it was a complete and utter blast, and I'm so glad I've met all these cool gals here... ^_^

MAN, that took me over an hour to type up. 0o0 CHANTO YONDEKUDASAI, NE. ("Please read it nice and thoroughly, kay?") ^o^;;;

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camping in chichibu

May. 9th, 2006 | 11:35 pm
mood: nostalgic nostalgic
music: "Never You Mind" - Semisonic
posted by: minako134 in japanfortehwin

Heh, sorry for the wait, I totally spaced. ^o^;; More photos!! I have more photos, yeah!

Lookie here for pic-a-tures...:Collapse )

So yeah, that was a fantastic Golden Week... We got back from it all Saturday morning, and spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday just lazing about. ^o^ It was a lot of fun, but man, it was a LOT of stuff... And constant Japanese. 0o0 This is *definitely* helping out my Japanese-speaking skills...

Please do spread any of these photos, people in my family or people who know people who don't know about this place but do know I'm in Japan and want to find out more or whatever! Yeah! ^o^

On a completely other note...My birthday is in a week. 0o0 WEEEEE...I think we're gonna do karaoke and get cake and stuff, should be fun. ^o^ Gonna be 22, weeee~

EDIT:: Oh! And, I have no idea if you guys managed to watch the video and stuff from last post, but I'm gonna try outting up some more anyway. ^_^;; So, yeah, same instructions as before:

Video: Just under a minute, a little tour of the part of the campsite Teresa and I went to last weekend with her host family. Some Japanese, some English, but you'll get the idea, I think. ^o^;;

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they looked like david bowie in labyrinth 0_o

May. 6th, 2006 | 04:25 pm
mood: exhausted exhausted
music: "Amor Volat Undique" (Carmina Burana) - Carl Orff
posted by: minako134 in japanfortehwin

Back from a huge 3 1/2 days of crazy festival-going and camping... 0o0 I took. A lot. Of photos. And videos.

But, since I'm really tired, and it really was a LOT of photos, I'm gonna space it out a bit... So first is the photos and videos from the Ome Matsuri Teresa and I went to on Wednesday.

You heard me, photos and videos. Ain't technology great?

Video #1:: Really cool dancing and music from the matsuri
Video #2:: Me showing the matsuri and how crowded it is ^o^;;

Steps to get video, for those who haven't used this kind of thing before:
1. Click on one of the links above, and a new window will open.
2. Find on the left side of the window the text "You have the following file available for download", and a bit below that is the text "DOWNLOAD NOW"; click on that.
3. Choose "Save to disk", press Okay, and then choose a place to save the video.

Yaaaay, go you. ^_^

And now on to the good 'old-fashioned' photos...Collapse )

So yeah, much much more where that came from, I shall post more and more other the next day or two...

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hangin' in kichijouji

Apr. 27th, 2006 | 11:38 am
mood: busy
music: "Truth is a Whisper" - Goo Goo Dolls
posted by: minako134 in japanfortehwin

Yay, finally got off my rear-end and uploaded my latest photos! ^o^;;;

These are all from last weekend, which was probably the must fun-packed weekend I've had here yet...

the saturday and sunday following Hitotsubashi party...Collapse )

So, yeah, 'till next time... ^_^

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Maria's Japan Fun Time Craziness

Apr. 25th, 2006 | 10:45 pm
mood: amused amused
music: "Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours" - Stevie Wonder
posted by: minako134 in japanfortehwin

Heh, I'm so lazy... I have more photos post, but I haven't gotten them ready yet. ^o^;; But soon, soon!!

For now, look what I made~

(By the way, page one can be found over here)

M.J.T.F.C. page twoCollapse )

Now, I must do homework!

Oh, and a belated shout-out:
Happy Birthday, Allison!!

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hitotsubashi gakusei to Breeze

Apr. 22nd, 2006 | 12:58 pm
mood: saturday...! saturday...!
music: "Sigma" - Shiina Ringo
posted by: minako134 in japanfortehwin

Weeee, I love my digital camera so...!!

I come with more photos, yay~ ^_^ Some from everyday life, but then some more from the crazy party at Hitotsubashi University that us Tsuda girls all went to, which they call 'Breeze'. Basically, every semester, the Hitotsubashi people come over and hang out for a party at Tsuda called 'Storm', and then Tsuda goes over there the next week for a party called 'Breeze'. XD Funny names, heh...

Alrighty, go check out those pictures...Collapse )

I took some video with my camera too, I just gotta figure a way to put it up here... Anyway, stay tuned for more digital photos in the days to come~! *hugs her camera*

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